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History & Philosophy

Each of the four partners that make up the MedAccess team has had a long and meaningful involvement in health care. From careers in hospital administration, public health management, and free medical clinic creation to advocacy at the state and national level for greater access to health care; MedAccess has always focused its attention on bringing high quality health care to those who face barriers to access due to geographic restrictions.

In the early days of the telemedicine revolution the Albemarle Hospital Foundation (the precursor organization of MedAccess Partners) pioneered the use of telepsychiatry networks to connect patients in hospital emergency departments with psychiatrists in remote locations. These networks greatly reduced the length of stay for patients while treating the immediate need of patients in crisis. MedAccess Partners has now installed 25 telepsych networks in NC hospitals, and through ongoing grants from the state of North Carolina and private funding charities like the Duke Endowment 85 hospitals will be networked by mid 2015.

Addressing the medical needs of patients in rural areas where primary care is spotty or nonexistent, MedAccess Partners has created primary care networks similar to the telepsychiatry networks. Partnering with medical technology providers MedAccess Partners has created primary care telemedicine centers in rural North Carolina and is currently exploring methodologies to connect patients with distant specialty care providers as well.

The professionals at MedAccess Partners believe that telemedicine is a highly effective solution to the problem of providing high quality health services to patients who: live in rural areas, need rapid access to providers when they are in crisis, have limited mobility, or are in need of care where care is difficult to obtain. Telemedicine has been successfully employed to provide care to patients in nursing homes, prison populations, primary and middle schools, federally qualified health centers, rural health clinics, and in other settings where the traditional strategy of face-to-face examination and treatment has not been either available or adequate or convenient.

The mission of the MedAccess Partners professionals is to bring health care to those in need by employing high touch and high technology into the continuum of care by overcoming the obstacles imposed by geography, mobility, and supply. Our goal is to Network the Medical Safety Net.