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Telemedicine ExpertsMedAccess Partners, LLC has the distinction of being the organization that has successfully installed more telemedicine networks in the state of North Carolina than any other business.

Since 2011 MedAccess Partners has completed 26 telemedicine projects and by mid 2015 this number will rise to 87. Since the implementation of its first network at Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, our networks have facilitated over 8000 patient-physician visitations. We have also secured grant funding for our projects in excess of $6.65 million.

MedAccess Partners has enjoyed these successes because it has:

  • Developed sustainable patient-centered business strategies for populations with limited access to care through removing geographic restrictions and improving patient outcomes.
  • Partnered with technology companies to provide state-of-the art, cost effective hardware and network services to maximize service delivery for patients and clients.
  • Developed specialized project management processes that facilitates care coordination and predictable outcomes.
  • Demonstrated, through improved patient analytics and satisfaction surveys, that our telemedicine networks are providing essential and quality care to our patients.
  • Earned the respect and confidence of the medical communities in which we work.